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The Delphi Advisors saves money and creates revenue for companies with no upfront cost. You do not change vendors or providers, we monitor your bills, if we find and recover overcharges, only then are we paid. Nine of 10 companies are being overcharged in numerous categories. Our Overpayment Protection Service save’s time by monitoring overcharges that most companies do not have the time or expertise to recover across a wide spectrum of all Utilities, Credit Card Processing fees, and even Laundry Services.

Delphi Advisors is a leading provider of Same Day Pay systems for employees enabling your workforce to access their wages as needed in between pay periods to pay bills, buy groceries and deal with today’s challenges. This is a service that is quickly becoming a standard. In the days of the great resignation this is a must have benefit that your staff will be grateful for and depend on. We set up everything and onboard employees at no cost to the company.

Earned Wage Access – Same Day Pay

suite of financial services will enable a growing number of Americans to better meet unanticipated expenses, and reduce their reliance on high-cost alternatives

Expense Reduction Services

We all know that utilities are a top operating expense. Tenurgy scrutinizes utility bills to help companies save money. It’s really that simple.
Gas, electric, telecom, water, sewer and waste.
Billing errors, estimated and inaccurate meter readings, tariffs, usage data and inconsistencies, contract revisions, and obscure discrepancies.
9 out of 10 clients save. Many receive refunds.”

Accounts Payable Automation

“Monetize your payables with cash rebates”
“Increase security and eliminate fraud”
“Save Time”

Shipping & Freight Platform

Although a company’s shipping costs may consume five to ten percent of their annual revenue, few companies have the time or tools to effectively manage this expense.

Class Action

One of our biggest service additions has become one of the best ways to help your business obtain your fair share of antitrust class action recoveries.

Real Estate
Cost Segregation

Engineering-based cost segregation studies permit commercial real estate owners to reclassify real property for depreciation purposes and reclassify it as more rapidly depreciating personal property.