Earned Wage Access – Employee Digital Wallet

Financial Wellness – No Cost Employee Benefit


78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

44% have less than $400 saved for unexpected expenses

65% of Employees feel personal financial worries impact their health

Those who can least afford it are charged excessive fees for financial services like payday loans and check cashing

Grant your Employees access (at no cost to you) this suite of financial services. Our Pay Any-Day product helps employees resolve unexpected financial needs between pay periods. Easily, securely, and affordably from any digital device.

With this Employee benefit, your Employees are more engaged, retention rates rise, and you can attract the best talent in a challenging employment market.

Why not give employees maximum control over their finances, help reduce their stress?

What if employers could do so:

  • at no cost
  • while lowering turnover
  • attracting & retaining more employees?
  • be socially responsible
  • Bill Pay
  • Debit card for Purchases-
  • Send Money feature
  • ATM Access

Digital Account with Pay Any-Day

Pay Any-Day Features

  • Access up to 50% of employee’s earned wages any day of the week
  • $2.95 per advance – no limits
  • Advance paid back at next pay period
  • No credit checks – Everyone qualifies

Client Onboarding is Tailored To Each Client

  • Virtual, In-person, combined
  • Employee sign-up rates range from 20-80%
  • We share our experience & listen to our clients
  • Best results when client leadership is involved
Dunkin' Franchise Owner

Same Day Pay is a compelling product for my employees, and a great benefit tool for hiring purposes. It has reduced my back office expenses and increased employee retention.”  Since Implementation, We’ve Retained over 60% of workforce and are   Achieving a yearly cost savings of over $350,000 in new hire / training related costs